Meet the Makers Fest

Tarquins Gin

Hey, I’m Matt, one of the managers of the Bristol Stable. One of my responsibilities is stocking the restaurant, and so part of my job is meeting all of the reps and suppliers on a weekly basis and to see what products they have to offer.

After building good relationships with the suppliers I decided to get some of them in to meet the most important people… you, our customers! We came up with Meet the Maker events, and went from there. Now, we’ve got a big Meet the Makers Fest coming up on the 8th of June to get all of our favourite suppliers here in one place to say thank-you for their contributions so far this year. They will take over our dining area with stalls and we’ll open up the side doors to have as many people flooding in as possible, introducing them to the delicious products these guys have to offer. Combined with some brilliant bands like Cut Throat Francis, Jack and Tina and our resident DJ Nev, what more can you ask for?!

Over the past few months, we’ve had quite a few makers come to visit. Calum and Dan from Cocksure Brewing Co. were our first guinea pigs. What would have been a normal Thursday night at The Stable turned into something more – customers who normally come in for a pizza and pint, now had the very brewers handing them samples.

Two weeks later we had Jake from The Cotswold Cider Company in with their amazing range. They brought banners, branding and loads of energy, which tempted people in as they passed.

Freddie from Sheppy’s Cider was our guest for Week Three. Freddie did an amazing job going around the restaurant and engaging with everyone. The broad range he brought worked really well too – there was something for everyone, including Sheppy’s low alcohol cider, perfect for the designated drivers.

Sheppy's Cider

The fourth week we mixed it up and had Tarquin’s Gin in. We celebrated St Piran’s Day with our signature cocktail of Cornish Cox and Bramley Apple Gin mixed with Cornish Blush Cider – it went down a storm. We also gave out free G&Ts to the first fifty customers through the door – everyone was happy that night!

Tarquin's Gin

We then had The Taunton Cider Company and Worley’s Cider for the fifth and sixth weeks. Sonia brought her A-game and had a tray of tasters for guests on arrival; this made for some very happy people! She had brought in some of the champagne style ‘posh cider’ and was handing flutes of Worley’s Special Reserve, making everyone in the building feel like they were celebrating.

Worley's Cider

Sandford Orchards was a special one, as we had in an ex-Stablehand, Stable Dave, who is an old friend of mine and one of the managers I worked alongside back in the day. He went on to land himself a dream job as a brewer at Sandford Orchards. Their Devon Red is my favourite cider, so this one was personally special.

Sandford Orchards

Most recently, we welcomed my other friend David from Bristol Dry Gin. His charisma and their award-winning gin was the perfect combination. Serving guests from a unicorn gin dispenser and donning the best power mullet I’ve ever seen made for a fantastic evening.

Bristol Dry Gin

We’re looking forward to the big Fest next month. Hope to see you there!